Me & Art

I first discovered my gift for painting on the beautiful island of Barbados my native home. It was here on the veranda over looking the ocean that I created my first seascape, capturing the warmth of the Caribbean, merging golden cane fields with red-hot sunsets and turquoise seas which remain indelibly printed on my mind.

I feel my art is intuitive and an extension of my own spiritual expression it is a form of meditation a way to be mindful, calm and still, which supports my own wellbeing. I also explore feelings and emotions through the use of vibrant colors and textures, creating a bridge to allow the viewer to feel a connection and be drawn to the essence and mood of each piece.

Through the lock-down, I embarked on new creative projects creating unique art pieces using mixed media, up-cycled materials, canvas, wood, slate and resin, most of these art pieces are now on this website. I recently added to this website my hand crafted crystal orgonite necklaces, incorporating the ancient Key of Life symbol the Ankh each one individually made with passion and love. My unique figurative work on canvas represents the beauty of nature, family, fertility, wholeness, strength and power.

As a Holistic Artist and Expressive Art Facilitator, I create and facilitate Wellbeing Programs and Art Workshops face to face and via Zoom, this was a wonderful way to connect and inspire while supporting people and charities through the struggles of lockdown.

My extensive travels around the world have also inspired not only my art but my photography where I endeavor to capture the beautiful picturesque locations I have visited.

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