In this changing world and the fast pace of day-to-day life, many people may find it difficult juggling the demands of their existence, trying to keep it all together; balancing work, family, mind, body and spirit. There maybe times when finding motivation for the simplest task can prove to be very challenging, and with the lack of artistic creativity in our everyday lives, we could easily lose the connection to our true, creative self. Finding time to slow down and be creative in whatever form that maybe is important for our mental health and well being.
These fun interactive art workshops, can be an invitation for authentic self-expression as well as a platform for team building fun. Combining art exercises with mindful meditation, music, and sounds, the aim is to allow each person to gain a deeper connection to their creative spirit to find joy, laughter, healing, peace of mind and emotional well being. You do not need to be an artist or have art training to attend any of these workshops just an open heart and open mind.

All art material will be provided and each workshop is directed by Holistic Therapist and Expressive Arts Facilitator Heather. So pop along to one of the workshops below and experience for yourself the "Calm in Art."

For Corporate Events , Groups and Special Occasions please use the "Contact Me" page to request further information.

The Benefits of Expressive Art:
Become more mindful
Improve mental health
Confidence building
Team building[
Learn a new skill
Isolation breaker
Fun & engaging


New 2024 October Dates Coming Soon!

Art From the Heart
Paint Brushes and Paints

Immerse yourself in the freedom to create, using pastels, colour pencils, charcoal, or crayons. This is an interactive workshop which presents a spontaneous approach to art that, empowers, inspires and encourages. It’s an invitation to let go of things that get in the way of full creative expression whilst building self-confidence for personal and creative development. You don’t need an artistic background, or art training to experience the benefits of Intuitive Art. Just come along with an open heart and have fun.

New Dates Coming soon!

The Healing Power of Intuitive Art
Sinnott Picture

The Healing Power of Intuitive Art is a powerful intuitive, spiritual and creative practice. It is an interactive art workshop designed to free your creative self, help raise intuitive ability and spiritual awareness, whilst building self-confidence with gentle healing. You will be guided through creative art exercises, to allow your intuition and Spirit to speak to you through the medium of art and music. This will assist you in creating a meaningful and magical journey while exploring your creative gifts. This workshop is suitable for all levels of development from beginners to advance; you do not need to have an artistic background or art training, just come along with an open mind and open heart.

New Dates Coming soon!